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What is a curriculum project?

In accordance with the educational standards (OS) of the Higher School of Economics, design and research work is included in the curriculum of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Unlike lectures and seminars, a project is an independent, organized activity of students, carried out under the guidance of a project leader and aimed at finding a solution to a practical or theoretically significant problem.

Projects, like academic disciplines, are:

- compulsory — “rigidly” fixed in the curriculum and performed on the terms of the educational program;

- variable — available for self-selection by the student from among those approved by the academic director of the program.

What does participation in projects give?

Project activity allows students to acquire, consolidate or develop practical knowledge or skills necessary in future professional activities, as well as experience of self-organization. At the same time, the degree of practical significance of project work and the independence of students increases with the level of education.

Project activities are not tied to the schedule of the educational process. It can be organized throughout the year, both limited in time and distributed, including periods of classes and vacation time.

Where can I see how many loans are allocated for project activities for the current year?

The volume of projects for the current academic year is reflected in the curriculum of the program, which can be found in the “Documents” section on the website of each educational program.

Where can I find projects?

The selection of projects by students is carried out using the university-wide service “Fair of Projects” (the link is also located on the “Students” tab on the websites of educational programs and in the “Education” section). Any other methods of organizing project activities offered by faculties and educational programs are allowed, including services in the electronic support of the LMS educational process. For more information on the availability of alternative ways to find projects, contact your training office.

The student’s choice of variable projects is carried out independently based on scientific and professional interests and capabilities. Using the proposals at the “Project Fair”, the student can apply for any projects from among those proposed for the educational program on which he is studying.

In the event that a student has issued an application for participation in a project from among those NOT recommended for his educational program, such a project can be credited only at the request of the student, as an optional “over” the scope of the educational program.

The project manager has the right to reject a student’s application if the student does not meet the requirements stipulated in the project proposal. In case of rejection of the application, an automatic notification is sent to the student’s corporate email.

A student can independently propose a project to the Project Fair if one of the HSE staff members who is interested in such a project becomes the project manager. Information about academic interests and contacts of teachers can be found on the personal pages of the HSE.
What projects are there?

Projects come in many different types. In terms of goals and results, the following types of projects are distinguished:

- Research — a project whose main goal is to conduct research. As a result, it is expected to receive an article, publication, report, analytical review or note, an application for a scientific grant, a methodological manual and other scientific product;

- Applied — a project whose main goal is to solve an applied or commercial problem. The result of such a project can be a developed and substantiated design solution, a business plan or business case, a custom-made product.

- Service — a project aimed at solving official tasks or to ensure the current work of the University. The result of such a project is the contribution of the project participant to the organization of an event (for example, a conference, an Olympiad, an excursion, an open day, an admission campaign) or in the implementation of organizational processes (for example, organizing feedback from a teacher and students, technical preparation of any materials , organizational assistance in the process of conducting classes, systematization of databases).

The share of service projects is limited and cannot exceed 25% of the specified total number of credits allocated to project activities for any educational program.

How to sign up / unsubscribe from a project?

Submission of student applications for participation in the project is available from the moment the project is published at the Fair and until the end of the date of registration for the project.

Making his choice, the student must submit an electronic application for participation in the project using the username and password in the electronic LMS system. When filling out the application, the student must write a motivation letter of no more than 200 characters, answering the question

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